Diet or lifestyle? It pays to know the difference!
September 06, 2018

What’s the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a diet

Diet or lifestyle? It pays to know the difference!

What’s the difference between a healthy lifestyle and a diet? It sounds like there should be some sort of bad punchline attached to this by now.

I imagine that i'm like so many of us. Every Monday, I start a new diet and by the end of the week, my deprivation of everything good in my life results in a Friday lunch time snacking festival after a secret scoff at GYG. (Seriously, who doesn’t love Nacho Fries from Guzman et Gomez?). It sets the tone for my weekend—a collection of excuses like, it’s the weekend, if no one sees me eat it therefore it never happened and if you eat while your walking the calories don’t count.

Following fad diets may result in weight loss, but what happens when you quit those replacement shakes and expensive juices? Because let’s face it, it’s kinda expensive to maintain the shakes for a lifetime and sometimes a girl just wants the exhilaration of just going through the motions of chewing something that can’t be sucked through a straw.

So how can you tell if it’s a fad diet?

Any eating plan that promises you you’ll lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time equals a fad diet. If there are good and bad foods, it’s a diet. If it’s temporary, they promise weight without any exercise or you have to purchase special items or cut out some foods altogether it’s a fad diet.

There are healthier way to manage your weight without restricting foods. Instead of making cookies an every day food, take the advice from Sesame Street’s cookie connoisseur and make them a sometimes food. Find ways to have the food you like, but adapt them so they’re healthier. Leave off the sour cream, reduce your portion sizes. The things you love don’t have to be on a no-go zone, you simply need to have less or less often.

The hardest part of cutting back is the not snacking and if you do need a snack to get over the 3.00pm afternoon hurdle at work, instead of turning to a packet of potato chips, snack on fruit or fresh veggies. The key is to be prepared. Always have options you can carry in your handbag or the lure of that vending machine at work or charity chocolate boxes will call your name.

Dehydration can also disguise itself in the form of hunger. Next time 9.30 rolls around at work and it’s only been an hour since you’ve had breakfast, check your water intake. Have a good swig of water and wait 20 minutes. If you’re still hungry then, have a healthy snack.

A heathy lifestyle has to be maintainable. If you’re joining me on this journey, it pays to let your workmates know and ask them if they see you with chocolate more than once a week, to pry it from your grip. According to experts it takes 21 days to create a habit. 21 days that of healthy eating. We can do this right? I’ve tried hundreds of fad diets, now here’s to trying a healthy lifestyle.

Leigh-Anne Parrish



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