Have you tried any of these treatments yet?
July 09, 2018

Review: KOA Recovery

Have you tried any of these treatments yet?
Khan Porter

You often read about the whole-body treatments A-list celebrities indulge in when they’re in the City of Angels. Australia seems a world away from the bright lights of Los Angeles, but maybe we’re not as far removed as you may have thought. KOA Recovery is Sydney’s premier sports recovery, injury management and wellness centre. All the buzzy health trends you thought were out of reach to anyone other than the Kardashians of the world, can be found right here in Waterloo, Sydney.

So what's on offer?

Get ready to freeze your tits off—literally. Subject your body to temperatures below minus 100 degrees C for three whole minutes wearing nothing but thermal mittens, socks and booties and what for? The process is said to burn up to a whopping 800 calories, flush toxins, improves oxygen, reduce pain and inflammation—a reboot for your circulatory system. So what does it really feel like? You know what it’s like on a bitter winter day with wind that goes right through your bones? Exactly like that, but worse. Once you’re out of the cryo tube, most people report feeling a boost of energy and feeling euphoric. One session will set you back $85. It seems steep, but if three minutes of unpleasant bone-chilling cold burns THAT many calories—sign us up for 10 sessions ($650).

Tom Burguess

Float Therapy
A one hour session floating in body temperature water with nothing but your own thoughts is said to still your mind, promote relaxation, creativity, relieve chronic pain and equate to four to eight hours sleep. With 500kg of Epsom salts in the water, you’re completely buoyant (just in case you’re worried about drifting off to sleep and drowning ). The feeling completely weightless combined with magnesium sulphate soothes tired muscles and joints. An hour is more than enough, especially if you’re the type who talks out loud to themselves because silence drives you bonkers. KOA Recovery offers a 3-session introductory package for $170.

These are special massage boots which squish the life out of your legs, similar to being strangled by a boa constrictor, but the results are phenomenal.Your legs feel as light as a feather, something they described as “fresh legs”. The patented compressed air massage assists with lymphatic drainage, improves circulation and help your muscles recover faster after training. While you are wearing the boots, it’s time to relax in an open plan living space. You can read a book, listen to music or audiobooks, and wonder what the rich people are doing today. This will only set you back $30 for 30 minutes and if bring along a friend for a float session, they’ll even throw in a compression therapy massage free.

Koa Recovery2

Electrical Muscle Stimulator
Electrotherapy has long been touted as a medical treatment for pain management, particularly amongst elite athletes. Electrical pulse stimulate the motor nerve causing the muscle to contract. Sticky pads known as electrodes are placed on the parts of your body that are experience pain (for example your shoulders or knee). The best way to describe how it feels tingly, like little pinpricks, but it’s not overly painful. Also cheap as chips—$30 for 30 minutes is a bargain.

Who is KOA Recovery for?
Anybody can book in for treatment. It's not exclusive to elite athletes or pro league players. Whether you've taken on your first half-marathon or nursing aches and pains after a week's ski holiday, KOA whole body treatments are designed to speed up your recovery.

What else do I need to know

The staff are warm and welcoming. It can be a daunting experience if you’ve never undertaken any similar treatments, but Shaun and the team will instantly make you feel at ease from the minute you walk through the door. This is a first class facility. Whether you’re suffering from chronic illness like Rheumatoid arthritis or just aches and pains due to old age, the team at KOA Recovery are empathetic and really know their stuff. You only have to read the hundreds of reviews from happy customers on their Facebook page to see why they certainly are worth checking out. Instead of wondering what how the rich and famous are spending their days, experience it for yourself at KOA Recovery.

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