A former British Royal Marine Commando shares his health and fitness tips. They are not as unachievable as you think!
June 12, 2018

Getting To Know Mike Webby, Former British Royal Marine Commando

A former British Royal Marine Commando shares his health and fitness tips. They are not as unachievable as you think!
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Former British Royal Marine Commando from Northern England, turned personal trainer and tradie, Mike Webby is like a modern-day Clark Kent. Check out his Instagram, and you soon discover he’s an active relaxer—snorkelling, paddle boarding, rock climbing, to taking his super cute French Bulldog Alfie out for runs. But there’s more to Mike than his rock hard abs. We were lucky enough to get some time to get up close and personal (ahhh, it’s a tough job!)

Okay Mike, surely you can’t wake up and bounce out of bed looking as you do without having some sort of routine. 

One thing I do every day that may surprise people has to be the cold showers first thing in the morning. This usually scares people off due to the thought of it. And the answer is that it’s just a thought. The benefits include increased energy, relieves depression, boosts the immune system and improves circulation. Takes a while to get used to but I’ve now made it a habit.

So it would seem if you have a cold shower every morning, you’re quite structured in your day. How does the first part of your day go? Are you a ‘don’t talk to me until I’ve had coffee’ and communicate in grunts kind of guy? 

The first 90 mins of your day can not only influence your day for the better but also massively improve your life in every aspect! Big statement, but I’m not shy in saying this.

My morning routine looks like this

5am Wake up! Make bed 

5:05 Breath work /visualise the day 5—10 mins 

5:15 Hydration cocktail

5:20 Dynamic stretching flow 

5:25 Cold shower minimum 3 minutes

5:35 Gratitude/intention journal. Three of each written down for the day. (I think we just fell in love with him a little bit more)

5:45 35 min workout 

6:30 Ready for work 

Wow that’s certainly one way to get your day off to a great start, so how do you fuel your body? 

My day on a plate varies day to day as I like to do intermittent fasting, but will usually be made up of colourful fruits and veg with some kind of protein. Also I like to use a lot of healthy fats in my food avocado, coconut oil and olive oil. My health philosophy would be HEALTH is WEALTH!

Surely, you don’t eat like a saint all the time. C’mon fess up, surely you have sneaky treats? 

My favourite cheat meal would have to be toasted Banana bread with loads of butter. Wanting one just thinking about this, ha ha! Confessions of a sugar addict

So when you’re not at work, where are you favourite places to hang out? Not that we’re planning to stalk you—much. 

Living in Sydney you are spoilt for choice of amazing locations in driving distance. Jervis Bay is the best place to travel for me, especially only being 2.5 hours away. Jervis Bay has breathtaking views everywhere you look also unreal beaches, crystal clear water and Australia’s finest wildlife in and out of the water. 

Also the coastal walk near me leading all the way round to the harbour and  the water down at Camp Cove for snorkelling and swimming getting a salt water therapy fix. I say these because they are free! They have helped me and still do on my health journey in many ways—mind body and soul. 

Michael Webster PT2 

It’s no secret you enjoy working out. What’s one of your favourite ways to exercise?

In the park with friends, in the sun, nature and with like-minded people having fun!  

What’s been the best thing you’ve done for your health?

Has to be back surgery as this gave me the wake up call to not take your health for granted. This was also the catalyst for me to spend more time researching and learning about health and well-being.  

How do you beat the daily stresses of life?

My life hack to deal with stress would be simply focus on your breathing. 5-5-5-5 known as Box breathing used by the Navy seals. Breathe in through your nose for 5 seconds fill the belly hold for 5 seconds, breathe out for seconds and hold for 5 seconds before starting again. Repeat cycle again for 10 mins. This will bring your stress levels down and this is also free.

Great tip! Aside from breathing, how else do you unwind? 

I like to take my little French bulldog Alfie out on the park to run around and piss on everything he sees. I also enjoy reading, listening to podcasts and audiobooks on health and wellbeing.

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What was the last book you read? 

Recover; freedom from addictions by Russell Brand. I definitely recommend it as he is such a character, crazily intelligent and wise through his own experiences.

Thanks Mike, it’s been a pleasure. Now if anyone else wants to follow you on Instagram, how do they find you?



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