Turns out there's more to Margaret River than wine!
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January 24, 2019

4 Walks to do in WA’s Margaret River Region

Turns out there's more to Margaret River than wine!
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Margaret river, a quaint town located south of Perth in Western Australia offers a unique experience of crystal clear coastline beaches, contemporary breweries, traditional wineries and endless activities. Although there are endless wineries and breweries to choose from there is more to this beautiful pocket than just indulge in delicious foods and drinks. Here is a first timers guide to exploring the Margaret River Region with these top 4 scenic walks: 

Busselton Jetty

Busselton is a small town located in the Margaret River Region south of Perth in WA. Busselton is home to the second largest timber jetty in the world at over 1800 meters long known as the iconic Busselton Jetty. The jetty offers unspoiled views of WA’s crystal clear coastline and on brighter days some of its colourful sea life. Give yourself an hour and a half to truly embrace this unique walk – it’s truly rare to be able to walk over 1.8km into the Indian Ocean. 

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Canal Rocks 

The Canal Rocks are located in Yallingup in the Margaret River Region. These tall standing rocks are the result of crevasses and channels carved into the rocks of the heads by the ocean itself leaving a handful of rock islands. Canal Rocks can be explored and viewed from a raised boardwalk that has been built allowing travellers to walk amongst the tower of rocks.  

Sugarloaf Rock 

Sugarloaf rock is one of the Margaret River Regions biggest tourist attraction and luckily for its travellers it makes an amazing view. Sugarloaf rock is a colossal rock that raises from the Indian Ocean not too far off the mainland of Australia’s West Coast. To reach Sugarloaf rock there is a scenic walk which will lead you to an elevated viewing deck.

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Cape to Cape Track  

The Cape to Cape track is a coastal walk that takes you along the top of the coastal cliffs which offers endless views of coastline, native bush, smaller bays and the iconic Naturaliste Lighthouse. This track is built for walking and enjoying the view as it offers a few rest stops such as benches and tables to truly sit back and enjoy the views.

By: Sarah Dodaro

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