January 10, 2018

7 Facts That’ll Convince You To Start Exercising

It's got nothing to do with weight-loss.
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For those that don’t exercise on the reg, this one’s for you. It may be because you’re happy with your current bodyweight and shape (good on you), or maybe you don’t know what type of exercise to start. It could also come down to pure laziness #whocanrelate - whatever the reason may be, it’s time to end the excuses because adopting a regular exercise routine is pivotal, and here’s why.


Aside from keeping your weight at a healthy level, exercise has so many benefits for your overall wellbeing. When you start exercising you can boost your mood, energy levels, as well as prevent disease! Being active produces high-density lipoprotein (HDL) "good" cholesterol and decrease unhealthy triglycerides. This can keep your blood flowing smoothly, which decreases your risk of cardiovascular diseases.


A National Cancer institutestudy found leisure-time physical activity can extend life expectancy as much as 4.5 years. “Our findings highlight the important contribution that leisure-time physical activity in adulthood can make to longevity,” said study author Steven Moore. “Regular exercise extended the lives in every group that we examined in our study—normal weight, overweight, or obese.”


When we start anything new it can be really tough at first, but the more you dedicate yourself to learning the better you become, giving yourself a sense of satisfaction and a confidence boost with every improvement you make. Exercising is a great way to track your growth and learn discipline. Even by committing to something small such as one extra sit-up a day is something to be proud of.


When you set a challenge or a goal for yourself it gives you something to aim for. Ticking the boxes as you go along your journey gives you a confident boost and the motivation to keep going and reaching for your goals. Can also spill over into other areas of your life!


The Australian sleep health foundation found that exercising first thing in the morning can help improve your sleep at night. Evening exercise also can help if not done 2 hours prior to sleep as it can have a stimulating effect too close to sleep time.


Doctors have found that exercise can boost your immune system by providing the cells in your body a much-needed boost that can enhance your immune systems defence mechanisms. This boost lasts a few hours after you exercise, but keep in mind too much exercise can cause your immune system to weaken, so make sure you build up your exercise level and give your body enough rest.


Exercising can be a great way to enhance your social life. There are numerous teams and sports to sign up to by yourself and make some new friends or grab some of your current friends and sign up together. This is a great way to stay accountable to training and a chance to be a part of a team or sporting event that is a healthy way to be socialize and grant yourself a bigger support network and build on friendships that can last you a lifetime. 

With so many benefits to exercise, why not make one of these your reason?



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