January 29, 2018

6 Fitness Events You Need To Try This Summer

Because fitness can be fun.
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After two months of ongoing celebrations (with the likes of Christmas, New Year and Australia Day now a long and distant memory), February is not only a great time to enjoy being active in the sunshine, but it’s also a time where many of us are looking to feel a little healthier again.

Luckily we are spoilt for choice in Australia, so if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy the weights room, running or HIIT the good news is that you don’t have to do it! There are plenty of options for you to choose from.

To give you a kick-start in the right direction, here are a few awesome fitness events that are coming up in Sydney this February. 

Nightclub Spin by Flow Athletic
31 January- 1 February, 2018

FLOW ATHLETIC Venue Hire Spin 1
Flow Athletic and co. ride for PRIDE at the iconic Home Nightclub in Sydney. 

Expect pumping beats with a live DJ, pride themed music, lighting and smoke machines at an incredible venue. This is a great experience and a hardcore workout led by Australia’s leading spin instructors. Book here

‘Let’s Get Tropical’ with Retrosweat in Collaboration with The Clean Treats Factory and Fittopia
7th February- 7-8pm
Andrew (Boy) Charleton Pool

This February, Fittopia will be hosting a series of fitness events around Sydney at Sydney’s leading and trendiest studios, and we want you to come along and try them for free! To kick off the series, we will be hosting a Retrosweat workout like no other at the iconic Andrew (Boy) Charleton Pool in the City. The theme will be ‘Let’s Get Tropical’ so many sure you dress to impress.

Retrosweat is a fabulous fusion of freestyle aerobic training and 1980s dance choreography. It is the creation of Shannon Dooley! Check out their insta page for outfit inspo.

The Clean Treats Factory will be providing post event treats for you to enjoy. They are all about keeping it real with real treats made by real people with a real goal to change how you feel inside and out. They have just launched their first café at 23-25 Doody Street, Alexandria and Buzzfeed has suggested that it may be the most beautiful café in Sydney! Book Your Free Spot Here

Lean Bean Fitness in Collaboration with Fittopia
13th February, 7-7:45pm

leanbeanfitness sydney 04 1 
One of the most successful girls training studios in Sydney, Lean Bean Fitness will be hosting a ‘Power Bean’ class for Fittopia on the 13th of February at their brand new studio in Darlinghurst. 

This class in guaranteed to work up a sweat. Expect an interval style barre/ bootcamp/ aerobics style class, all done with ankle weights. This one will certainly bring your tone up to the next level!

Bring a towel! Book Your Free Spot Here

Tour de FITtopia at Scenic Cycle in Collaboration with Chief Bar and Nuzest
22 February, 7:15-8pm

scenic cycle 1
Come cycle around the world with us on the 22nd of Feb at Scenic Cycle, where every class feels like a holiday (with a touch of burn).

Scenic Cycle uses HD screens projecting a virtual reality view the world’s most amazing cycling routes. You can experience the untouched and untamed lands along the fierce West Coast of Tasmania, to the snow lined hill climbs through the French Alps and back to the beautiful sunset in the famous streets of San Francisco.

All fitness levels are welcome. More competitive cyclists can track power wattage, average RPM and energy expended in real time on the SCX bikes while beginners can chill and enjoy an easy ride.

Post class you will be treated to Chief Bars, a healthy meal in a bar. Think jerky with the added goodness of nuts, a little dried fruit, and without any nasty preservatives, sugary marinades. Also Nuzest, Australian’s cleanest vegan protein powder! Book Your Free Spot Here

Fit 1 in Collaboration with Fittopia
27th February, 7:15pm
Combination Boxing x Strength x Fitness Class

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Fit1 is a group training experience based in a renovated church in Rose Bay. That's right, you can expect all the equipment of a premium gym space but in a unique space with beautiful high ceilings and exposed brick. They offer a lot of variety in a single workout so expect to push, skip, twist, bounce, spring, lift, hold, squat, crunch, press, slam, lunge of course box!

Using innovative tech, Fit1 workouts are supported by live video demonstrations. The interactive approach allows all athletes to train with more confidence, speed and skill. Book Your Free Spot Here

Flow After Dark by Flow Athletic- Celebrating PRIDE!
February 28th, 7pm

Flow After Dark Plain
The infamous silent yoga disco is back, and this time they are celebrating PRIDE.

Flow After Dark has an electric atmosphere and is both entertaining for participants and onlookers alike as there is literally a sea of yogis moving in sync with the same intention while making no sound. For participants, it allows them to zone out and enjoy their own practice as they can't’ hear anyone around them, yet they are part of a community who all have the same intention.

Bookings can be made here


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